Interior and Lighting Design

  • TIA Office

    TIA Office

    Modern office design with Flexifirm concept.

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  • RI Residence

    RI Residence

    Cozy design with lighting ambience for a residence

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  • TSH Apartment

    TSH Apartment

    Scandinavian style apartment

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  • Dewa Web Office

    Dewa Web Office

    Office design with vibrant and dynamic concept on the overall spaces.

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  • VGI Residence

    VGI Residence

    An interior project for a premium residence

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  • SN House

    SN House

    Minimalist design for the compact house.

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  • Katamaran House

    Katamaran House

    A residential space with warm design inside-out by using wooden materials.

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  • Sunter House

    Sunter House

    Rejuvenate the old facade into the new and contemporary-look for this house.

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  • L Apartment

    L Apartment

    Play it with patterns on the wall and detailed design on the kitchen storages.

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